Brand-Xpand provides custom e-commerce strategy, solutions and services specifically for the licensing industry.

The strategies, competencies and execution required to sell online are different than traditional retail sales and Brand-Xpand can help both licensors and licensees navigate the new online economy successfully.

For licensors, we develop brand-centric e-commerce strategies and solutions that launch, build and nurture emerging brands while satisfying consumer demand for your evergreen properties. Whether it’s a single brand-centric store or a showcase for all of your brands, you benefit from our proven expertise in creating an online success story that can translate into a greater presence on the offline store shelves.

For manufacturers, we provide a direct-to-consumer e-commerce strategy that offers for sale their full lines of licensed product, not just the top three or four brands that traditional retail wants.

In addition, through our multi-channel online sales and distribution network, we work with licensors and manufacturers to create product that otherwise would not have existed and expand the availability of licensed products to other retailers, thus creating new revenue streams.

And, we constantly strive to bring new innovations to your online brand building efforts such as custom, made-on-demand products for your brands that give the fans of your brands the ability to customize product.

Among the services we offer licensors and licensees are multi-channel online retail distribution, closed-end online stores, data reporting and analytics, online marketing and search engine optimization, product development and manufacturing, customized product capabilities, purchasing management, logistics and warehousing, customer service, drop shipping and wholesale product distribution.

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