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Build Your Brand Online & Take Control of Your Retail Destiny

As brick and mortar shelf space continues to shrink and consumers increasingly go online to connect with brands they can’t find in stores, Licensors need to deploy new online brand-building strategies to capture new sales and new customers as part of their retail development programs.

You need an e-commerce partner that deeply understands both the online environment and how to build brands and retail programs successfully online while maintaining brand integrity, individuality and value.

By partnering with Brand-Xpand, you can:
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  • Leverage the expertise, knowledge and capabilities that Brand-Xpand has gained from working with its partners.
  • Sell your brand’s products through the Brand-Xpand multi-channel online sales network, which includes,, Amazon, all major shopping comparison sites such as BizRate, and Google Shopping, and hundreds of affiliates;
  • Sell your brand’s products at other leading online retailers through our partnership with CommerceHub.
  • Create a retail success story that aids future sell-in at traditional brick & mortar retail.

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